Pyro-Paint 634-AL Alumina Based Refractory Coating

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$94.60 to $896.35

Color Metallic Grey

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Pyro-Paint 634-AL is a two-part, 99% alumina filled, ceramic coating system used to bond, coat and seal refractory fiber boards and other shapes used in molten metal fluid handling components and structures in foundry applications to 3200°F (1760°C). The advanced material helps to prevent wear and oxidation of refractory components and increases heat reflectivity to improve thermal efficiency and enable temperatures to ramp up more rapidly.

Pyro-Paint 634-AL is a simple to use, environmentally friendly, water-based formulation containing no volatile organic compounds. It dries at room temperature in 2 hours and cures fully within 2 hours at 200°F.

Pyro-Paint 634-AL exhibits exceptional adhesion to refractory fiberboards as well as alumina, graphite and ceramic cloth. It is resistant to wetting by most molten metals, increasing the durability, erosion resistance and reliability of the underlying structure.