Conductive Materials

Electrically and thermally conductive materials which provide solutions to a variety of electrical, electronic and thermal design problems throughout industry.

8 Products

Aremco-Bond™ 556-HT-HC Highly Conductive Epoxy PasteSKU: Aremco-Bond 556-HTHCGrade: ARMC-556-HT-HC
Units: Each
$248.45 to $248.45
Heat-Away 638 Thermally Conductive Aluminum Nitride GreaseSKU: Heat-Away 638Grade: ARMC-638
Units: Each
$121.05 to $174.10
Heat-Away 637 Thermally Conductive Alumina GreaseSKU: Heat-Away 637Grade: ARMC-637
Units: Each
$112.35 to $1485.65
Heat-Away 639 Thermally Conductive Aluminum GreaseSKU: Heat-Away 639Grade: ARMC-639
Units: Each
$113.35 to $1485.65
Heat-Away 641 Thermally Conductive Silver GreaseSKU: Heat-Away 641Grade: ARMC-641
Units: Each
$227.65 to $227.65
Heat-Away 641-EV Vacuum Compatible GreaseSKU: Heat-Away 641-EVGrade: ARMC-641-EV
Units: Each
$244.15 to $244.15
Pyro-Duct™ 597-C Electrically and Thermally Conductive CoatingSKU: Pyro-Duct 597-CGrade: ARMC-597C
Units: Each
$223.55 to $223.55
Pyro-Duct™ 598-C Electrically & Thermally Conductive CoatingSKU: Pyro-Duct 598-CGrade: ARMC-598C
Units: Each
$169.70 to $238.95