Heat-Away 641-EV Vacuum Compatible Grease

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Heat-Away 641-EV is a single-part, 100% solids, silver-filled, high temperature, electrically and thermally conductive, vacuum compatible grease used in heat transfer applications from –60 to 550°F (-51 to 288°C).

Heat-Away 641 is formulated as a thick paste that will not flow after application and the viscosity will remain stable over the entire temperature range. The thermal conductivity is 5.58 W/m-K and resistivity is less than 0.0008 ohm-cm. The vapor pressure is 3 x 10-14 at room temperature and 2 x 10-6 at 200°C

Heat-Away 641-EV is used to improve the thermal transfer between heaters and process vessels and various heat sinks used in heat exchangers and electrical and electronic applications.