Rigid Fiber Board, FOS, 1"T

SKU: GR1800-17F-BOARD-1T
Grade: GR1800-17F
$706.70 to $832.50
$706.70 to $832.50

Width 24"


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Rigid fiber boards (foil on one side (FOS) for better thermal control and maintenance) offer the following unique properties: better thermal (insulation) properties, high density and high strength, high purity, less particle generation, longer life, uniform grain structure. These rigid boards have been successfully used for the following applications: Silicon Crystal Growing furnace, GaAs Crystal Growing furnace, fiber optics production, CVD, CVI and CVR furnace, vacuum furnace, powdered metal sintering, ceramic matrix composites, carbon carbon composites, annealing & hot pressing, purification furnace for graphite, carbon fiber heat treating furnace, sputtering targets, quartz.

This item is suitable for making:
Furnace insulation