Ceramabond™ 670 Alumina Adhesive

SKU: Ceramabond670
Grade: ARMC-670
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$99.25 to $1,428.40
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High temperature one-part alumina-based adhesive for ceramic textiles and thread-locking. Bonds and seals ceramics to ceramics and ceramics to metals in applications up to 3000°F (1649°C).

Ceramabond 670 exhibits a dielectric strength of 142 volts per mil, torque strength of 60 ft-lbs, and coefficient of thermal expansion of 4.3 in/in/°F.

Ready following a 2 hours @ 200°F cure. Applied in a thin coat using a brush, spatula or dispenser. The clearance between mating parts at operating temperature should be 2-8 mils (50-200 microns). Blistering may occur if the glue line is too thick or heating too rapid. Environmentally safe, non-flammable material, contains no volatile organic compounds.