Bor-on Stick

SKU: AS001244
Grade: ASB-B-STK

Size 36/pack

Units: Each
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Boron Sticks are specially formulated high-temperature withstanding lubricant sticks designed to coat, lubricate and reduce friction on various surfaces.

Boron sticks have an indefinite shelf life and are available in a 2 in. diameter x 10 in. long size. These sticks can be applied directly to area requiring lubrication and are designed for application on surfaces with temperatures from 400F˚ to 850F˚ (204C˚ to 454C˚). They melt smoothly and evenly on hot surfaces and are resistant to dripping. They’re not only able to withstand high temperatures but also high vacuum environments.

Recommended Use: Boron nitride sticks are typically ideal as a general-purpose lubricant and for drilling, tapping, pipe cutting, and tough grinding operations. Additionally, the sticks can be used as coating for dummy blocks, billet ends, dies in aluminum extrusion operations, and for pinpointing lubrication to avoid housekeeping problems associated with fluid or grease-type lubricants.