Pyrolytic Graphite Disc, Continuously Nucleated, 1"DIA

Grade: PG-CN


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Pyrolytic Graphite (Continuously Nucleated) and has physical properties of about 15-20% higherthan Substrate Nucleated (PG SN) grade of pyrolytic graphite. The material is manufactured bydecomposition of a hydrocarbon gas at very high temperature in a vacuum furnace. The result isan ultra-pure product which is near theoretical density and extremely anisotropic. The material isdeposited as graphene onto a substrate giving it a layered composition and is anisotropic. Thisalso means it has different properties in one of the two dimensional planes. In the C plane (acrossits layers) it has low thermal conductivity, acting as an insulator. In the A-B plane (with the layers)it has very high thermal conductivity, acting as a superb conductor. PG-CN is preferred when the application requires a higher compression load. Uses range across metal processing, closed die forging, electronics, or aerospace applications.

This item is suitable for making:
Gas nozzles, Heat sinks, Ion implant hardware, Sputtering targets