Pyro-Paint 634-BN Boron Nitride Anti-Oxidation Coating

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$102.65 to $1,044.50
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Pyro-Paint 634-BN is a single part, odorless, water-dispersible, boron nitride filled, high temperature coating, formulated to resist molten metals, glasses, plastics and salts in applications to 1560°F (850°C). It is particularly effective in resisting non-ferrous metals such as molten aluminum and magnesium.

Pyro-Paint 634-BN provides a highly lubricious and chemically and erosion resistant interface between a molten material and the underlying metal or refractory structure, resulting in increased system life. It is a simple to use, water-based formulation containing no volatile organic compounds. It dries at room temperature in 2 hours and cures fully in 2 hours at 200°F.

Pyro-Paint 634-BN is part of a line of refractory coatings based on ceramic fillers including alumino-silicate, carbon, graphite, silicon carbide, yttrium oxide, and zirconium oxide. Select Pyro-Paint 634-BN for hard coat.