Carbon-Carbon (CFC) for Heat Treatment


Carbon-Carbon Composite (CFC) is the choice material for the heat-treat industry. It is designed to exceed temperature capabilities of super-alloys and can withstand temperatures of well over 2000ºC (3600F) without losing strength and rigidity. C/C composite material has low thermal mass, high strength-to-weight ratio at temperature and negligible thermal deformation, creating favorable net/tare load weight ratios when used for fixtures and grids. This allows for rapid heating and cooling rates, heavy part loading and improvements in part distortion. C/C also has excellent fatigue resistance, which minimizes issues with crack propagation.


As a lightweight solution C/C racks and fixtures are 50-70% lighter in weight than conventional materials. By allowing for a more compact fixture design, more material can be loaded into the furnace with each run resulting in a large increase for productivity. All of this allows for a better cost performance overall when using Carbon-carbon compared with steel alloys or other materials.


CFC vs Metal rack

At Graphitestore, our technical team can discuss the parameters of your furnace and the parts being treated to help customize C/C fixture solutions to your needs and performance requirements. Carbon-carbon racks can be machined to spec. Check out our catalog parts or submit a request for quote for custom parts.


      CFC Rack