GS-2299 nano-Graphite Powder

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Grade: ASB-2299
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$190.08 to $760.35
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GS-2299 nano-Graphite Powder is our finest powder with a nominal BET surface area of 400 m2/g, and particle size distribution from 0.25um to 5.01um. Nano-graphite powders are composed primarily of ultra-fine particles which make them difficult to size-classify due to the tendency for nano-particles to form tenacious agglomerates. These agglomerates are composed of masses of "sticky" nanometer sized graphite platelets that are weakly bonded. The true size of the nano-particles contained in the product is reflected in the correspondingly high BET surface area.

Recommended Use: electrically and thermally conductive coatings, specialty lubricants, IR absorbing material, polymer reinforcement, radar shielding, graphite oxide precursor, carbon hybrid materials, reactive material for carbide synthesis, heat transfer material, substrate for catalyst support, void formation in dense ceramic materials, carbon particle surface energy studies, and friction/wear components.