Bushings, bearings, vanes


Extruded and compression molded grades of mechanical carbon-graphite offer excellent corrosion resistance and superior mechanical strength. Extruded rods provide the most economical solution for low load and RPM bushings and bearings. However, for more demanding applications with high speed and load, and particularly for mechanical seals, piston rings and vanes, we recommend using compression molded grades. Both extruded and compression molded carbon-graphite grades can be additionally impregnated with phenolic resin or metals for enhanced strength and durability; or salts for higher temperatures up to 1200°F in air.


EDM Graphite


Due to its unique properties, iso-molded graphite is the ideal material of choice for conventional sinker EDM applications. Proper material grade selection is one key component of insuring the efficient use of this modern machining technique. A wide range of materials have been developed over the past decade each designed for specific applications. Materials differ in density, strength, hardness and machinability which can affect metal removal rates, electrode wear, surface finishes and dimensional tolerances.


Crucibles, molds, ingots


Machined graphite crucibles, molds, ingots and stoppers for industrial and jewelry applications. Additional custom machining services available. Clay graphite crucibles for non-ferrous metal melting applications. Standard sizes from 3 to 500 lbs.


Plates, rods and tubes


Extruded and isostatically pressed graphite plates, rods and tubes. Basic characteristics: rigid, brittle, high-temp resistant, electrically conductive, self-lubricating. Isomolded grades have isotropic grain structure, and much finer grain size.


Insulation and gasketing


Pure and reinforced flexible graphite sheets, standard gaskets. Carbon based, plain and foiled on one side (FOS) insulation rigid fiber boards for high temperature vacuum furnaces.


Graphite Powders and Lubricants


Nanographite Graphene precursor Quality graphite powders and lubricants contained in aerosol cans for easy applications. Graphite based lubricants for a variety of applications including bakery oven chain and railroad performance switch plate lubes. High quality graphite based lubricating greases.


High Temp Coatings and adhesives


High temperature graphite adhesives are unique inorganic formulations for bonding and sealing graphites in design, process and maintenance applications to 5400°F. Graphite based coatings, rated for temperatures up to 2200°F. Formulated for parting of aluminum permanent molds, non-sticking in glass forming applications, and lubrication and stop-off in metalworking and wire drawing. Provides superior release, surface finish and mold protection.


Pyrolytic graphite


Pyrolytic Graphite is a unique form of graphite manufactured by decomposition of a hydrocarbon gas at very high temperature in a vacuum furnace. The result is an ultra-pure product which is near theoretical density and extremely anisotropic. The material is deposited as graphene and grown onto a substrate giving it a layered composition with anisotropic properties. This means it has different properties across different planes. In the C plane (across its layers) it has low thermal conductivity, acting as an insulator. In the A-B plane (with the layers) it has very high thermal conductivity, acting as a superb conductor. Our pyrolytic graphite discs and plates are available in three different materials: Substrate Nucleated (PG-SN), Continuously Nucleated (PG-CN), and High Conductivity Substrate Nucleated (PG-HT). Continuously Nucleated (PG-CN) material has physical properties 15-20% higher than that of Substrate Nucleated.


Fuel cell components


Isomolded and isomolded impervious (resin-treated) graphite plates, gas diffusion layers and membranes for manufacturing Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell, Direct Methanol (DMFC) and Phosphoric Acid (PAFC) stacks.


Carbon-Carbon Composites (C-C, CFC)


Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon Matrix Composites for high temperature applications.


Dryer bearing Products


Dryer bearings and assemblies are used in gypsum board, ceiling tile, veneer, plywood, fiberboard, panel and insulation board dryer applications. We supply complete hanger bearing assemblies with carbon graphite full and half bearing inserts, as well as jacketed replacement cartridges for bracket assemblies in silver dot materials as well as other materials. We can custom design holders, brackets, and carbon graphite bearing materials to fit specific needs. These bearings can be supplied for Grenzebach AKI, Gypsum Technologies, Coe, and Babcock type dryers.