Flexible Graphite Foil, 0.025"TH x 39.4"W x 250 ft

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Grade: GS-GFST
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Flexible graphite foil is made from exfoliated graphite flake and is produced through an extensive calendaring process to give a thin flexible material with no binder or resins. Due to its excellent properties such as thermal stability, impermeability, high and low temperature-resistance and corrosion resistance, Flexible Graphite Foil is widely used in fields of industrial sealing, as heating elements for high temperature applications and as insulation/heat shields.

Applications: Glands, Pressed packing rings, Gaskets used in flanges, covers of observation holes, level meters, Spiral-wound graphite gaskets, Release foils in glassworks and hot presses, Backing strips for welding operations, Electrostatic filter plates, Cathodes for electrolysis of liquids, electrical contacts, Vessel linings and coatings against hot and aggressive media, Facing for hot pressing molds, Basic material for vapor phase deposition of metal films, Protective material against laser beams

Feet per Roll:250'

This item is suitable for making:
Exhaust seals, Flexible graphite, Graphite gaskets, Heat shields