Corr-Paint CP3015-GR Protective Coating for Steel and Refractory Products

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$100.10 to $1,177.90
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Corr-Paint CP3015-GR is a one part, grey-ceramic inorganic coating. Provides corrosion protection of steel and refractory products used in boilers, furnaces, rotary calciners, kilns, stacks, and other high temperature structures to 1400°F (760°C).

Corr-Paint CP3015-GR is a coating system that is supplied in a ready to use viscosity of 300-700 cP with a solids content of 44.5% by weight and 16.8% by volume. It is applied easily using conventional spray equipment and cures fully at room temperature in 24 hours. The coverage rate is 269 ft2/gal at a dry film thickness of 0.001" (1mil). Cleanup of uncured coating is accomplished easily using warm water.

Available in light gray (CP3000), aluminum (CP3015-AL), black (CP3015-BL), white (CP3015-WH) and stainless steel (CP3015-SS) formulations.