Carbon Fiber Rod, Rectangular, 0.196"H x 0.787"W x 48"L

SKU: GW001005
Grade: GR-CFR

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Rectangular carbon fiber rod. Manufactured from continuous carbon fibers in an vinylester base. These rods are extremely stiff and lightweight and have a very low coefficient of expansion, making them ideal for use as push rods; wing joiner rods on glider and slope soarer aircraft; reinforcement bars in light weight constructions such as model cars, musical instruments, trade show presentations, etc. The rectangular cross section of the bar allows it to be installed in the wing vertically, offering tremendous resistance to wing bending loads.
MACHINING TIPS: To cut carbon fiber use an abrasive cutoff wheel or 32 teeth per inch hacksaw. Do not use a band saw.
Thickness and width tolerance: +/-.005"
Length tolerance: +/- .250”

This item is suitable for making:
Model cars parts, Musical instruments reinforcement, Push rods, Robotic arms, Wing blade spars, Wing joiner rods