CFC Plate, 0.236"TH x 39.3" x 39.3"

SKU: CC001670
Grade: GS-CFC70
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GS-CFC70 CFC (Carbon-Carbon) Plates are lightweight, carbon fiber reinforced, high temperature treated composites. Plates are composed of a chopped fiber in a 2D random fiber alignment. These parts offer superior strength and fracture resistance compared with graphite. GS-CFC70 exhibits great resistance from heat, oxidation, thermal shock, and excellent chemical corrosion resistance. This product has high interlaminar shear strength, displays in-plane isotropy and is stable to 3600F (2000C). Can be precisely machined to specifications. 

Recommended for ultra-high temperature vacuum and atmosphere furnaces. Applications include: heating elements, hearth rails, rack systems, insulation fasteners, molten metal pump components, powdered metallurgy and metal injection molding sintering trays and boats, high temp fasteners, aerospace parts, rocket motor nozzles, nuclear energy, satellite structural and thermal management, glass manufacturing, specialized racing brakes and clutches,


This item is suitable for making: 
Automotive parts, Furnace liners, Furnace parts, Furnaces, ovens, Sintering boats & trays