Carbon Cloth Wet Proofed, 0.014" x 15.74" x 17.71"

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Grade: GS-GDL
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Carbon Cloth- Graphitized Spun Yarn Carbon Fabrics WOVEN CARBON FABRICS are carbon fiber fabrics made from spun yarn. Fabric tailor-ability results from controlling the yield on weaving and yarn, and allows for a variety of finished composite thicknesses. The spun yarns have many surface fibrils that protrude in various directions at various lengths from the surface. This fiber loft contributes to high cross ply tensile and inter-laminar shear strengths for 2 D composite materials. Contour conformation without wrinkling is another advantage of spun yarn fabrics. Materials undergo a vacuum graphitizing process and long temperature soak, resulting in a very thermally stable and chemically pure fabric with low oxidation rate. WOVEN FABRICS include low cost carbon, carbon materials and other processes where efficient chemical vapor infiltration or prepregging is required. Standard wet proofing is 5%. All dimensions are nominal.