Aremco-Bond™ 2330 Silicone Elastomer Adhesive

SKU: Aremco-Bond 2330
Grade: ARMC-2330
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$124.50 to $2,989.00
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Aremco-Bond™ 2330 is a single component, heat-curable, red pigmented, high temperature, silicone elastomer adhesive that exhibits excellent flexibility and resistance to thermal shock, chemical corrosion and water immersion. After a brief cure schedule, Aremco-Bond 2330 withstands temperatures exceeding 570°F (300°C).

Aremco-Bond 2330 is an easy-to-use material that can be spread with a plastic applicator or automatic dispense system. Curing is accomplished easily by heating to 300°F for 45 minutes or 400°F for 30 minutes.

The flexible nature of Aremco-Bond 2330 enables it to bond together a wide range of materials including ceramics, composites, metals, plastics, quartz, and refractories at temperatures to 570°F. This property provides manufacturers a direct method of attaching materials of different coefficients of expansion for use in thermal, structural and electrical applications throughout industry.