Aremco-Bond™ 2300 Epoxy - Exceptional Bond Strength

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Grade: ARMC-2300
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Aremco-Bond™ 2300 is a two-part, milky-clear, ultra high strength, low viscosity, epoxy adhesive used in demanding applications requiring ultra high bond strengths up to 4,560 psi and temperature resistance to 350°F (175°C). This adhesive provides an exceptional combination of high shear and peel strengths and excellent impact and vibration resistance. Exceptional chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, organic fluids, and salts, is also provided.

Aremco-Bond 2300 is a 100% solids epoxy that is mixed in a ratio of 10 parts resin to 1 part hardener by weight. Mixed viscosity is 5,000 centipoise (cP) and the pot life for a 100 gram mass is approximately 45 minutes. Recommended cure is 2 hours at 150°F or 48 hours at room temperature.

Some of the many applications for Aremco-Bond 2300 include the bonding of engineered thermoplastics, ceramic wear tiles and sheet molding compounds used in aerospace and automotive applications.