370 Carbon Brush 0.188" x 0.188" x 0.5"

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Grade: H76

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in stock

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Application: Tool Brush
Tool Manufacturer: Black and Decker
Tool: Die Grinder, Drill, Scrugun, Tappers
Brush Thickness:0.1875"
Brush Width:0.1875"
Brush Length:0.5"
Shunt Length:1"

Detailed Description

Tool manufacturerToolSize/NumberType/ModelRPM
Black and DeckerDie Grinder2 1/2"C, CT
Black and DeckerDie Grinder#8A, B (Cat. #577)
Black and DeckerDie Grinder#7B, BH, BT
Black and DeckerDie Grinder#7A, AH, AT
Black and DeckerDie Grinder#12D, DT
Black and DeckerDie Grinder#12C, CT
Black and DeckerDie Grinder#12A, AT, B, BT
Black and DeckerDrill1/4"Holgun Type A, AT (Cat. #346)
Black and DeckerDrill1/4"Holgun Type B, BN, BT (Cat. #346)
Black and DeckerDrill1/4"Type A Right Angle
Black and DeckerDrill1/4"Shorty Right Angle Type A, B, BN, BP, BS, BT
Black and DeckerDrill3/16"Shorty Type A, B, BN, BP, BS, BT
Black and DeckerDrill3/16"Right Angle Type A
Black and DeckerScrugun#8S R.A. Type A, AP, AN, AT
Black and DeckerScrugun#8P Type A, AP, AR, AT
Black and DeckerScrugun#8D Type A, AT
Black and DeckerScrugun#8C.D. Type C, CR, CT, CTR
Black and DeckerScrugun#8P & 10PType C, CN, CP, CR, CRA, CT
Black and DeckerScrugun#8, 10D & Type C, CN, CP, CR, CRA, CCR, CT
Black and DeckerScrugun#8 & 10R.A. Types E, EN, ER, ET
Black and DeckerScrugun#8 & 10R.A. Type C, CN, CT
Black and DeckerScrugun#8S Type A, AP, AT
Black and DeckerTappers3/16"Tapgun Types B, BN, BT
Black and DeckerTappers#8Tapgun Types A, AT, AN