285 Carbon Brush 0.25" x 0.375" x 0.75"

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Grade: H76

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in stock

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Application: Tool Brush
Tool Manufacturer: Black and Decker, Miller Falls, Rockwell - Porter Cable, Sears, Sioux, Stanley-Carter, Thor Electric Tools
Tool: Belt Sander, Disc Sander, Drill, Nut Runner, Polisher, Sander, Saw, Unishears, Valve Tools
Brush Thickness:0.25"
Brush Width:0.375"
Brush Length:0.75"
Shunt Length:1"

Detailed Description

Tool manufacturerToolSize/NumberType/ModelRPM
Black and DeckerValve ToolsValve Refacer Wheel Motor Type BU
Miller FallsDrill712A, 712B, 712C
Miller FallsNut RunnerModel 202
Rockwell - Porter CableModel A4 Cutter
Rockwell - Porter CableDrill3/8"
Rockwell - Porter CableDrill5/16"
Rockwell - Porter CableDrill1/4"
Rockwell - Porter CableSanderNo. A2Guild Sander
Rockwell - Porter CableSawNo. A4Guild Saw
Stanley-CarterBelt SanderH31
Stanley-CarterBelt SanderStyle H-31
Stanley-CarterDisc Sander77 Style E
Stanley-CarterDisc Sander77-7 Style A, B, F
Stanley-CarterDrill012 Style A Construction
Stanley-CarterDrill121 Style D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M
Stanley-CarterDrill122 Style A, B, C, D
Stanley-CarterDrill112 Style A Construction
Stanley-CarterDrill1/2"125 Slow Speed
Stanley-CarterDrill562 Style J, K, L
Stanley-CarterDrill124 Style A, B, C, D, E
Stanley-CarterDrill381 Style A, B, C
Stanley-CarterDrill382 Style D, E, F, G, H, J, K
Stanley-CarterSander77 Style CD
Stanley-CarterSaw6"065 Style A
Stanley-CarterSaw6"W65 Model A
Stanley-CarterUnishears90214 Model 02
Stanley-CarterUnishears214A Style A, B, C, D Construction
Stanley-CarterUnishears216 Style A, B
Stanley-CarterUnishears214 Style A, D Construction
Stanley-CarterUnishears214 Style C, F, G, J Construction
Thor Electric ToolsPolisher7" Stan.EL-921400