144 Carbon Brush 0.188" x 0.5" x 0.875"

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Grade: H76

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Application: Tool Brush
Tool Manufacturer: Miller Falls, Stanley-Carter, U.S. Electric Tool
Tool: Disc Sander, Drill, Grinder, Hammer, Plane, Sander, Saw, Unishears
Brush Thickness:0.1875"
Brush Width:0.5"
Brush Length:0.875"
Shunt Length:1 1/4"

Detailed Description

Tool manufacturerToolSize/NumberType/ModelRPM
Miller FallsDrill(220 Volt)3012C, 3012D, 3012E
Miller FallsDrill312B, 312D (220V)
Stanley-CarterDisc Sander92 Style Model B, 220 Volts
Stanley-CarterDisc Sander72 Style A, B, 220 Volts
Stanley-CarterDisc Sander72 Style Model D, 220 Volts
Stanley-CarterDrill341 Style D, E, F 220V
Stanley-CarterDrill345 Style A, B, C, D 220-250V
Stanley-CarterDrill581F Style 220V
Stanley-CarterDrill582 Style D, E, F, G, H, J, K 220-250V
Stanley-CarterDrill582 Style FG, D, E 220V
Stanley-CarterDrill122 Style E, F, G, H, J, K, L 220-250V
Stanley-CarterDrill122 Style EF 220V
Stanley-CarterDrill034 Style A Construction 200-250V
Stanley-CarterGrinder566 Aerial C, D, E, F 220V
Stanley-CarterGrinder565 Aerial C, D, E, F 220V
Stanley-CarterHammer2" Cap.320A Style 220V
Stanley-CarterHammer310 Style A-H, J, K, L 220V
Stanley-CarterPlaneJ5 Model N 220V
Stanley-CarterPlaneKA Style C, D, E 220V-Wasp Plane Motor
Stanley-CarterSander92 Style A, B 220V
Stanley-CarterSander589 Model H, 220V
Stanley-CarterSawW6 Style A-H 220V
Stanley-CarterSaw7"W-7 Style 220V
Stanley-CarterSaw8"W8 Style F, G, H, J, K 220V
Stanley-CarterSawW60 Style A, C, D 220V
Stanley-CarterUnishears144-A Style A, G, J, L 220V
Stanley-CarterUnishears206 Model C 220V
Stanley-CarterUnishears208 Style A, B 220V
U.S. Electric ToolDrill1/4"