122 Carbon Brush 0.25" x 0.313" x 0.75"

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Grade: H57

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Application: Tool Brush
Tool Manufacturer: Black and Decker, Skil, Thor Electric Tools, Van Dorn
Tool: Blower, Die Grinder, Disc Grinder, Drill, Grinder, Hammer, Impact Wrench, Nibbler, Nut Runner, Polisher, Portable Grinder, Sander, Saw, Screw Driver, Seat Grinder, Shears, Tappers, Valve Tools
Brush Thickness:0.25"
Brush Width:0.3125"
Brush Length:0.75"
Shunt Length:1 3/8"

Detailed Description

Tool manufacturerToolSize/NumberType/ModelRPM
Black and DeckerDie Grinder#203" A, AD, AS
Black and DeckerDie Grinder#20B, BD, BS
Black and DeckerDie Grinder3"A, AD, AS
Black and DeckerDrill1/2"Utility Power Type E, F
Black and DeckerDrill1/2"Standard Type A, B, C (Cat. #361)
Black and DeckerDrill1/2"Utility Model 1 Type 2, 3
Black and DeckerDrill1/2"Special Type E (Cat. #38)
Black and DeckerDrill1/2"Special Type C, D, CD, CR, DR, EF, EG
Black and DeckerDrill1/2"Model 1, 2 (Cat. #HU-20, U-21)
Black and DeckerDrill1/2"Junior Type A
Black and DeckerDrill1/2"H.D. Type M (Cat. #425)
Black and DeckerDrill1/2"End Handle Type F, G, H
Black and DeckerDrill1/4"H.D. Type N, NA
Black and DeckerDrill1/4"H.D. Type RN
Black and DeckerDrill1/4"H.D. Type T, TN
Black and DeckerDrill1/4"H.D. Type C, D, E, F, FF
Black and DeckerDrill1/4"H.D. Type G, GP, GR
Black and DeckerDrill1/4"H.D. Type H, HK, KP, LP, LPR
Black and DeckerDrill1/4"H.D. Type M, MA, MM, MMT, MP, MPR, TN
Black and DeckerDrill1/2"Utility Type B, C
Black and DeckerDrill1/4"Standard Type D, DT
Black and DeckerDrill3/8"H.D. Type Y (Cat. #362)
Black and DeckerDrill3/8"Standard Type B, C, CMT, D
Black and DeckerDrill5/16"Utility Type E, F, G, H, K, T
Black and DeckerDrill5/16"H.D. Type V, VA
Black and DeckerDrill5/16"H.D. Type R, RP, RPR
Black and DeckerDrill5/16"H.D. Type T, TA, TMT, TP, TPR
Black and DeckerDrill3/8"Utility Type P, PH, R, U
Black and DeckerDrill3/8"Utility Type K, L, LR, M, MH
Black and DeckerDrill3/8"Type H, HR
Black and DeckerDrill5/16"H.D. Ball Bearing Type DF
Black and DeckerDrill5/16"H.D. Type D
Black and DeckerDrill5/16"H.D. Type F, FP, G, H, HP, HS
Black and DeckerDrill5/16"H.D. Type L, N, NP
Black and DeckerGrinder#20A, AD, AS
Black and DeckerGrinder#20B, BD, BS
Black and DeckerGrinder#4AB Combination
Black and DeckerGrinder#4D
Black and DeckerHammer3/4"D, DN (Cat. #103)
Black and DeckerHammer1"D (Cat. #103)
Black and DeckerHammer#4AB, B, BB Portable
Black and DeckerHammer#32B, C, D (32 3/4 G-D)
Black and DeckerHammer#32D, DN Portable 1 1/8" (Cat. #103)
Black and DeckerImpact Wrench#300H.D. Type A, B (Cat. #625)
Black and DeckerImpact Wrench#625H.D. Type B, BA, C, CA (Cat. #632)
Black and DeckerNibbler#16H.D. Type B (Cat. #625)
Black and DeckerNibbler#8H.D. Type A (Cat. #691)
Black and DeckerNut Runner#2Type HR
Black and DeckerNut Runn