Pyro-Paint 634-AS-1 Alumina-Silica Based Refractory Coating

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$105.85 to $253.90
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Pyro-Paint 634-AS-1 is a single part, ultra high temperature resistant, alumina-silica based advanced coating rated for continuous service temperatures up to 2300°F (1260°C). Provides excellent adhesion to ceramic fiber blankets, modules and boards and resists wetting by nonferous molten metals, salts, glasses & plastics increasing the durability and erosion resistance of the underlying material.

Pyro-Paint 634-AS-1 features high lubricity for easy part release; minimizes cast surface defects; increases mold & die life. High dry film thicknesses from 10-50 mils can be achieved with this coating. It dries at room temperature in 2 hours and cures fully in 2 hours at 200°F.

Select Pyro-Paint 634-AS-1 for high build applications.