Crystalbond 590 Washaway Adhesive

SKU: AR001795
Grade: ARMC-590

Color Brown

Units: 4/pack
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Aremco’s Crystalbond™590 is an advanced thermoplastic adhesive that provides exceptional thermal and mechanical stability, important requirements for machining operations that produce severe heat, vibration and peel stresses.
The application of Crystalbond™ 590 is easily accomplished by preheating a mounting plate to 300 °F, melting and spreading the adhesive in a uniform layer, then positioning the part and allowing the entire assembly to cool. After machining, Crystalbondtm is dissolved easily in an ultrasonic bath using isopropyl alcohol or Aremco’s proprietary 590-S Stripper.
Crystalbond™ 590 can be used for numerous mounting applications such as dicing dense advanced ceramics such as boron and silicon carbide; dicing semiconductors and single crystals; and lapping and polishing optical components.