Furnace tubes

Machinable and fully-dense ceramic materials for applications in which high temperature insulation, thermal shock resistance and high dielectric strength are required. Production capabilities include isostatic and dry pressing, low pressure injection molding, extrusion, slip-casting, and CNC machining.

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Alumina Furnace Tube, OBE, 5.5"OD x 5"IDSKU: MD-A998-TUBE-OBE-5.5ODGrade: MD-A998
Units: Each
$1489.36 to $3777.61
Alumina Furnace Tube, OBE, 6"OD x 5.5"IDSKU: MD-A998-TUBE-OBE-6ODGrade: MD-A998
Units: Each
$1984.26 to $3680.20