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Potting and Casting

Ceramic-based materials used for the assembly of high temperature, high power electrical devices, and high temperature fixtures, molds and tooling. These materials, based on aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride, magnesium oxide, silicon dioxide, silicon carbide, zirconium oxide, and zirconium silicate, offer unique properties with respect to operating temperature, thermal conductivity, dielectric and mechanical strength.

Ceramacast products are supplied in either one- or two-part systems. One-part systems are typically mixed with water or a specialty binder system that is used to improve moisture resistance. Materials set to room temperature in several hours, then cure at ~250°F in 2-4 hours to provide optimal electrical and mechanical properties. Two-part systems have varying set times and are similiarly cured at 250°F in 1-2 hours.

          Alumina Compounds
          Aluminum Nitride Compounds
          Magnesium Oxide Compounds
          Silicon Carbide Compounds
          Silicon Dioxide Compounds
          Silicone Compounds
          Zirconium Oxide Compounds
          Zirconium Silicate Compounds
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Ceramacast 575N Alumina Castable Compound$94.88 (Pint)
Ceramacast 645N Silica Potting Compound$94.88 (Pint)
Ceramacast 586 Zirconium Silicate Adhesive and Potting Compound$94.88 (Pint)
Ceramacast 675N Alumina Nitride Potting Compound$148.03 (Pint)
Ceramacast 673N Silicon Carbide Adhesive and Potting Compound$94.88 (Pint)