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High temperature ceramic and graphite adhesives are unique inorganic formulations for bonding and sealing ceramics, metals, graphites, textiles and composite materials used in design, process and maintenance applications to 5400F. These advanced materials, which exhibit high thermal and electrical resistance, enable engineers to solve problems that were impossible previously using conventional epoxies and other organic-based products.

These ceramic and graphite adhesives are easy-to-use, one- and two-component systems which are ready for use following a 200F to 700F cure. These materials are mostly water-based and do not outgas after curing. They are also environmentally safe, non-flammable materials which contain no volatile organic compounds.

          Alumina Adhesives to 3200F
          Alumina Silicate Adhesives to 3000F
          Aluminum Nitride Adhesives to 3000F
          Boron Nitride Adhesives to 2700F
          Electrically and Thermally Conductive Adhesives to 1700F
          Graphite Adhesives to 5400F
          Magnesium Adhesives to 3200F
          Mica Adhesives to 2300F
          Silica Adhesives to 3000F
          Silicon Carbide Adhesives to 3000F
          Washaway Mounting Adhesives
          Zirconia Adhesives to 3200F
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Graphi-Bond 551RN Graphite Adhesive$113.04 (Pint)
Pyro-Duct 597-A Electrically and Thermally Conductive Adhesive$193.31 (50gram)
Ceramabond 569 Alumina Adhesive$97.60 (Pint)
Ceramabond 571 Magnesium Adhesive$96.49 (Pint)
Ceramabond 865 Aluminum Nitride Adhesive$150.89 (Pint)