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Ceramic Labware Crucibles

Magnesium oxide, alumina and zirconia labware crucibles, trays and discs provide exceptional chemical inertness and corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 4000°F (2200°C). For more technical data please refer to the product dada sheets (grades) listed in the respective item pages. Custom parts made to print.

          Alumina Circular Dishes
          Alumina Combustion Boats
          Alumina Crucibles - Cylindrical
          Alumina Crucibles - High Form
          Alumina Discs
          Alumina Plates Alumina - 99.6%
          Alumina Rectangular Trays
          Magnesium Oxide Circular Dishes
          Magnesium Oxide Crucibles - Cylindrical
          Magnesium Oxide Rectangular Trays
          Zirconia Combustion Boats
          Zirconia Crucibles - Conical
          Zirconia Crucibles - Cylindrical
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Zirconia Crucibles - High Form
Alumina Circular Dishes
Magnesium Oxide Crucible, 3"D x 5.75"H x 0.15"WT$320.03 (Each)
Alumina Circular Dish, 120ml$56.40 (Each)
Alumina High Form Crucible, 100ml$49.74 (Each)
Alumina Combustion Boat, 6ml$28.97 (Each)
Alumina Cylindrical Crucible, 100ml$49.74 (Each)