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Insulation and gasketing

Pure and reinforced flexible graphite sheets, standard gaskets.
Carbon based, plain and foiled on one side (FOS) insulation rigid fiber boards for high temperature vacuum furnaces.

          Carbon cloth
          Carbon paper
          Flexible graphite foil
          Flexible graphite sheet
          Flexible graphite sheet, reinforced
          Insulation fiber boards
          Insulation fiber boards, foil on one side (FOS)
          PAN Carbon Felt
          PAN Graphite Felt
          Rayon Carbon Felt
          Rayon Graphite Felt
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PAN Graphite Felt
Flexible graphite sheets
Insulation fiber boards
Sheet, Graphite, Flexible, 0.06"T x 19"W x 19"L$106.96 (4/pack)
Rigid Fiber Board, 1"T x 24"W x 42"L$521.70 (Each)
Rigid Fiber Board, FOS, 1"T x 24"W x 52"L$832.50 (Each)
Flexible Graphite Foil, 0.020"TH x 39.4"W x 250 ft$378.84 (Each)
PAN Graphite Felt, 0.5"TH x 48"W x 43ftL$2,916.00 (Roll)