HyHeet GP Graphite Grease

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$22.00 to $393.31
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High-temperature, non-melting, anti-wear grease fortified with graphite to lubricate and protect in temperatures up to 550°F. Thickened with a special gel system that has no dropping point. Will not melt or run out of bearings or fittings. Reinforced with rust and corrosion inhibitors, as well as an EP additive to withstand extreme pressures. Typical uses: high temperature applications on bearings, kiln ovens, casters, oven bearings, high temperature exhaust fans and oven damper controls. HyHeet GP Grease can be coated on variety of metal surfaces. It is NOT compatible with other greases therefore purge or clean old grease thoroughly before use. Frequent re-lubrication is necessary at temperatures above 400°F.