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Carbon Fiber
When application calls for a strong, rigid, light weight reinforcement component nothing can compete with carbon fiber composites. We provide uni- and bi-directional rods, tubes and plates offering highest structural integrity for automotive, aviation, construction, marine and instrumentation industries.

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Twill 2x2 Weave Fabrics
Pultruded Tubes
Carbon Fiber Tube, 0.500"OD x 0.4"ID x 48"L$42.37 (Each)
Carbon Fiber Tube, 0.375"OD x 0.290"ID x 48"L$33.57 (Each)
Carbon Fiber Tube, 0.625"OD x 0.520"ID x 48"L$50.68 (Each)
Carbon Fiber Tube, 0.125"OD x 0.075"ID x 48"L$26.39 (2/pack)
Carbon Fiber Tube, 0.315"OD x 0.236"ID x 48"L$30.77 (Each)