Alumina Plate, 0.20"TH

Grade: AD-A996
$160.63 to $254.39
$160.63 to $254.39
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>99.6% Alumina (Al2O3) Plate. Inert to hydrogen, carbon and refractory metals; can be used at operating temperatures to 1750°C in both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres. TOL: +/-0.3mm on all dimensions

Heating and Cooling Instructions
Alumina is sensitive to thermal shock. Try to warm up the furnace chamber slowly. Heating rate of 150-300°C per hour is recommended for the first 1-1.5 hours to reduce the impact of thermal shock.
Lower the temperature as gradually as possible. Cooling down rate is often half of the heating rate (75-150°C per hour). If possible, arrange for consecutive heating of furnace to maintain a hot crucible. If taking the crucibles out of furnace into room temperature to pour the melted material, try to make the process as gradual as possible.